Our Story,

Established in 1983 by Des and Keran Finch, Finch Engineering are 100% Australian owned and operated. Based in the small township of Kaimkillenbun, Queensland, at the foot of the Bunya Mountains, Finch Engineering are renowned leaders in all aspects of Grain Handling.


Finch Engineering was officially opened for business on the 1st September 1983 and has since grown to be known as the grain handling products of choice for today’s Australian farmer.

Initially started as a general welding and fabrication by Des Finch, the business soon got a reputation for building quality grain handling products. Initially, only Grain Haulout Bins where produced, but soon after, field bins and livestock feeders where added due to growing demand.

In 2008, Finch Engineering acquired Miitze Industries and continued the production of augers and grain silos.


The company expanded its production capacity in late 2013, with the expansion of its fabrication shop. This created a smooth flowing production line, where all main elements of the product come together under one roof.


Expert knowledge and equipment, along with the highest grade components, ensure every Finch Engineering product is built to last. The latest state of the art 3D CAD programs ensure all products undergo stress and performance testing before being built by our fabrication team.


Once fabrication is complete, our painting and detailing teams ensure every Finch Engineering product leaves the factory gates looking its best and more importantly, ready to be used.

What we believe

Our Clients

Our clients give us tremendous feedback on all our products, which in turn, allows us to continue our research and development, to improve our products and maintain our status as "Ahead of the Rest"

Our Team

We only employ people that meet our strict standards, to ensure all Finch Engineering products are built to 100% satisfaction. We set the bar high to ensure our products remain the best out there.


Supporting the Local Community is a key value here at Finch Engineering. We believe that keeping a locally sourced team ensures our high standards are maintained, while also keeping local people in jobs.


  • I bought a Finch Grain Haulout bin in 1995, a 25T Bogey. Since then it has not missed a harvest. Its superior build quality, high quality of materials and workmanship ensured that it is still in use today, after 18years of service.

    John S, Moree NSW
  • We wanted a Chaser bin that was fast, reliable and strong. Really pleased we went with Finch, had a great run on a big year, would buy it again everytime.

  • We took delivery of our new Finch Engineering HDS auger, just in time for harvesting. We were extremely happy with the build quality and the detail that went into designing such an auger. The turbo diesel engine really makes light work of moving vast quantities of grain in little time.

    Travis S, Goondiwindi QLD

Our Team